Our Story.


In 2006 Tim came on staff at Faith Church International in West Virginia. Faith church International is part of a network of churches planted by Dr. John, Tim’s Father. FAITH CHURCH INTERNATIONAL.

While working on the staff as part of the teaching team at Faith Church, Tim attended Bible School at Restoration Bible College and earned an associates in Theology. At this time Tim also traveled internationally with Dr. John Polis as he ministered in different RFI churches around the world.

Revival Fellowship International, Inc. is an association of five fold ministers and churches sharing a common vision of the Restoration of the Church with all Gifts of the Spirit and Truth of the Word (Acts 4:19-21; John 4:24), and obedience to the command of Christ to disciple the nations.

In 2016 Dr. John Polis asked Tim and Elke to consider moving their family to Asheville in order replant a church that He started 20 years earlier. After much prayer Tim and Elke moved their family to Hendersonville where for the last two years they have been remodeling the building and becoming part of the community in the area. They have a desire to see the The Heights City Church reach those who are far from Christ and then help them reach their highest potential in Him.


Our Pastors.

Tim and Elke.jpg

Along with pastoring they are both certified coaches. Tim has been a member of the John Maxwell Team for 2 years and Elke is a Certified Health Coach and  has a blog focusing making the “healthy life simple”. Celebrating their fifteenth year of marriage together, the husband and wife duo has had 4 kids, Aubrey 12, Avah 10, Roman John 7, and Anthony 4. They are passionate about creating a life giving church reaching unchurched people, and seeing them reach their next level. With an authentic teaching style they are open and transparent about their mistakes and successes in a way that encourages people to grow.


Our Values


We value ATMOSPHERE: when people encounter God their lives are changed.

We value EXCELLENCE: no one is inspired by second best.

We value LEADERSHIP: every person is a potential world changer and influencer.

We value GOD'S WORD: it is living and powerful.

We value FAMILIES: they are the strength of our country.

We value OUR CITY: we have to shine in our city before we can shine in our world.

We value PRAYER: because Jesus did.

We value GENEROSITY: we live to give.